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Garbha means fetus, Matha means mother and sanskara is the process of inculcating specific qualities and stimulating early learning in the fetus. It ensures maternal well being, fetal health and enhances the process of natural delivery of the baby.

Garbha Matha Sanskara enhances the bond between the mother, father and the child .It is the surest way to ensure complete physical, psychological, intellectual and spiritual growth of the fetus.

The Garbha Matha Sanskar can be divided into three categories

  • Beej sanskar
  • Garbha sanskar
  • Bal sanskar

Beej Sanskar –

It includes awareness regarding the Garbhasanskara starts from Beeja Shuddi to probable days of conception.

Garbha sanskar –

Ayurveda considers food to be the best source of nourishment as well as medication for the pregnant woman. The nine monthly diet is singularly unique to Ayurveda. Systematic supervision of a woman during pregnancy is called garbhini paricharya .

It should be of a regular and periodic nature and according to the need of an individual. The care should start from the beginning of pregnancy and till the birth of child.

Bal Sanskar –

It includes the baby care soon after birth and do's and dont's for the baby. Explaining the importance of vacci

Garbha Matha Sanskar is all about nurturing your fetus physically, emotionally and Spiritually across your womb.

Ayurveda gives importance to the quality of seed. Concept of conception is compared with planting a tree. As for proper growth of a tree right combination of time, field, nourishment and seed is required, like wise for proper conception ritu, kshetra, Ambu and beeja having good quality are required. Garbha is formed from union of male and female beeja (Shukra and Shonit). For both men and women, health of shukra dhatu (re-productive tissue) is responsible for quality of beeja and Garbha.

The responsibility of a Vaidya is to re-establish these purely 'scientific' practices in population on the basis of evidence based research without prejudice and this is the primary and foremost step to implement Garbh Mata Sanskar in today's era.

Sanskrit word stree

originates from the meaning - one to whom a fetus is adheredvi. So her reproductive

health is also equally important before going to pregnancy health.

Garbh sanskar whose effects can pour through generations and can actually make a change in society

Garbha mata samskara includes particular methods for getting desired pregnancy, maintaining proper health of the mother during pregnancy and finally ends with normal, uncomplicated easy delivery of a healthy baby.

Garbha-matru samskara is an important part of ayurveda and was integral with social

practices of our ancestors. Probably, the reason why our ancestors were healthier in the real

sense. Though it is being rediscovered today, few of the key aspects are often overlooked.

Parenting is an art - Ayurveda celebrates parenthood. Giving birth is an immensely important job of continuing the human race. Ayurveda defines conception as a union of sperm, ovum and the soul. Ayurveda dictates that we should embrace and worship this soul, as it is a small part of god (super soul)

Values are very important in parenting since they deeply influence all behaviors and attitudes and effect our decisions and relationships. For a value to be truly your own, you must act on it and your behavior must reflect it. "

The way children learn values, simply put, is by observing what you do, and drawing conclusions about what you think is important in life. Regardless of what you consciously teach them, your children will emerge from childhood with clear views on what their parents really value, and with a well developed value system of their own Of course, parents are not the only source from which children learn values, and peers certainly influence your kids, especially as teenagers. And of course it's healthy for young people to think for themselves and develop their own world view, as much as we may want to influence our children.


  • Touch / Healing Touch
  • Affection
  • Trust & Care
  • Sweetness of Heart

SANSKARA is a technique that ensures positive impression on baby through discipline practices done by the parents to be. Once the baby is born, and all the efforts and actions must be in the best interest of the child.

Samskaras are religious sacrifices or religious ceremony.

In ayurveda its defined as

''Samskarohi gunanthrdhyanum' means improvement in the qualities carried out by incorporating the specific qualities (charaka samhita vimana1/21.)

Samskara is the most essential for humans. According to the sacraments some rules have been made for human life, which have been considered necessary for us. In every human life, every person must comply with sixteen consecrated rituals. This ritual is done at different times from the person's birth till death.

Since ancient times, the tradition of discharging these sixteen rites is coming. Every sacrament has its own importance. These 16 rites brings a sense of completeness in a person.

Samskaras are nothing but measures of immunization to induct proper resistence and strength as well. They are indicated right from intra uterine life in each of them makes the growing child to acquire new talents. Swarnaprashana is one of the part of sanskaras which is being done in modern era.

A woman is the prime target as she is the one who carries the baby and the care of a pregnant woman coincides with that of fetusiv. So a special concern regarding environment and Garbhopaghatakar bhavasv is obligatory. Even a Sanskrit word stree originates from the meaning - one to whom a fetus is adheredvi. So her reproductive health is also equally important before going to pregnancy health. So along with menstrual hygiene, menstrual health according to Ayurveda needs to be implemented.

As from the above information it's clear that Garbha Matha sanskara deals with teaching good things to the unborn baby in the womb during pregnancy.

Uvas Garbha Matha Sanskar Classes


I joined the Garbha sanskar class of uvas ayurveda in my second trimester. it was the best decision. it changed my complete idea of pregnancy from it being like a big job to a self acceptance feeling of a bond which has love,care,sharing and immense love. i thank you Dr.priya for making my motherhood an enjoyable journey.

sarita rao.

school teacher.

I m mrs sarojini sinha.this is my second pregnancy still i felt so many things i didnt know. especially the parenting class was an eye opener. Thanks to Dr.priya jain and her team. I wish her all the best

Sarojini Sinha

my husband was not keen on me attending the Garbha Matha Sanskar class... But then when he attended the Husband wife councelling session He too was highly impressed .He made it a point to chant gayatri mantra before i slept. These small acts makes the bond much firmer. it was wonderful experience being with uvas.



All classs were excellent yoga, parenting, meditation, pampering... everyclass was worth... but i feel there should be a class included after childs birth as well.But this doesnt slightly affect my deep gratitude towards Dr.priya for the amazing,awesome classes.



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