ayurvedic courses


Mr. Venucharu

Age - 64 Years

I was in India Just for 20 days. My overall experience was excellent. I was able to reduce 5 Kgs & 3 Inches of my tummy. I received the results I was promised especially the personal attention that I received to make sure that I was fully satisfied. looking for word to see u again during my next visit.

Mrs. Dr. Rekha Jain

Age - 43 Years Bhopal

A lot has been talked and claimed about Ayurveda therapy for slimming. It came as a really suprising and wonderful experience. Yes, it is true nothing is impossible. It was made possible by the team efforts of Uvassaggaha-ram who made me loose 5 kgs in 28 days & now even after 5 months not only that I have mantained the weightloss but also managed to loose another 5 kgs with the diet and exercises advised.

Mr. Kaushik oswal

Age - 18 Years Karad Maharashtra

I was suprised seeing my self 10 kgs reduced in 42 days and my friends could not recognize me after I went to karad. it was very homely.

Master. Rishab Jain

Age - 12 Years Mumbai Maharashtra.

I was 78 kgs. I reduced to 68 kgs. now after 4 months I managed to reduce 4 more kgs. not only the weightloss programme helped me in my looks but also brought a positive attitude to wards life. The atmosphere here is so eco friendly. Thankyou so much

Mr. Ranjeet Jain

Age - 44 Years Mumbai Maharashtra.

I had come from mumbai as the result see of my newphew and sister in-law. I joined Uvassaggaha-ram for 10 days and reduced my weight to 3 kgs and tummy to 3 1/2 inches. The physiotheraphy was helpful to great extent. the Ayurvedic relaxatation therapies like shirodhara and padabhyangam takes you in a complete different world. They don't make you starve but give you balanced diet. It is a complete care unit. I thankyou very much for giving my self to 5 years back age.

Mrs. Ranjana

Age - 50 Years Bangalore Karnakata.

Dear Dr. Priya, I had an wonderful experience and am so happy I met you by chance and you have changed my life so much. The atmosphere at your clinic is so nice and homely. You almost feel at home. your guidance and advise regarding the diet has helped me lot and will be grateful to you for ever.

Mrs.Neeru Mehera

Age - 54yrs

Case of Frozen Shoulder, They suggested me to go for Agnikarma, by which I was very much worried but Agnikarma was done with gold rod and some internal medication given at the same time dhara was also done. The patient showed improvements with complete rotation of the joint in just 3-4 days.


Age - 50yrs

I am working as a marketing executive in Kotak Mahindra, I happened to meet Dr.Priya Jain in a train, and somehow came to know about her ayurvedic clinic in Bangalore. After 2 yrs I had severe back chee, I went to Uvas Ayurveda and I found clinic ambience to be really very neat and clean. The staff was very co-operative. All the staffs are trained Ayurvedic Kerela Therepist, whoc knows exactly what they are doing. I was prescribed to get treatment for 21 days with Katti Basti, dhara and some aneama's basti, along with some internal medication.